City of Stockton Public Notification

The City of Stockton has joined forces with CityWatch Notification Systems to send out mass notifications of emergencies to provide critical information or to ask for the public's help. A notification may be limited to a specific geographic area or sent Citywide. Information sent may include the description of a lost child, the need to evacuate, or advisement of police/fireactivity in your area.

Information may be sent via a recorded voice message, email or a text message.

If you do not have a land line phone and use a cell phone for your communication needs, this page enables you to sign up to receive these public notifications. You may register one cell phone number and one email address per location. If you want to receive a text message notification to your cell phone, you must include the correct email domain associated with your cell phone service provider because the text is sent to your cell phone just like an email. You will need to choose your carrier in the drop down menu.

If you have a VoIP orIP based phone system that may not be recorded in the County's E911 database you may wish to utilize this page to register your home phone to ensure receipt of these notifications.

It is very important that your address be entered completely and accurately. If there is an apartment or suite number associated with your address, it MUST be included. If your address is a multi-unit building (apartment complex, office building, mall, etc.) you must include the apartment or suite number that designates your address as unique from the others with the same street address. If you do not include the appropriate apartment or suite number, your information will not be properly registered and may be lost.

All subsequent logins after the initial one will show your previously entered information. You can then make changes to your contact information as needed.

If you have any questions regarding this page and its usage, please contact the SeniorTelecommunications Supervisor at the Stockton Police Department during regular business hours at 209-937-8887.

The first step is to enter your street address in the space below.This will be compared to the City's data base to ensure accuracy. Once verified, you will be taken to the next input screen.

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